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Trent T.
Pine Forest High School
Linden, North Carolina

Home To Me

Living in a home for more than a couple years has always been a dream, one that the military has not made possible. Moving from state to state has been an adventure and it has been great getting to know different people and see different places but I miss the joys of childhood that many non military kids get to experience. It would be nice to go back and visit the house I grew up in as a toddler and get a glimpse the door frame I once was measured on. It is too hard to cut down a door frame and take it with you. Or maybe I could go back to the house I once lived in as a young boy and play on the swing set I helped my dad erect, the one that started to wobble right before we moved for the third time. Then there is the house I lived in as a pre-teen, me and my grandmother planted flowers when she came to visit. I would love to go pick those flowers and remember those days, but Kansas is too far away. Another joy I missed out on was painting my room the way I would have wanted. So many homeowners won't let their occupants change wall color or make drastic changed to the home.

Home is where you hang your hat, so they say. Well then I have lived in many places, and hung my hat on many nails and hat racks but I have never felt truly at home. As a high school senior looking at my future head on, there are many hopes and dreams I have set for myself. One of those is owning a home. A piece of land with a fence that surrounds a place I can call my own. A structure that is more than a house, a place I can wake up in the morning and know that I will wake up there for many, many years. I can paint, let my animals roam freely, change the carpet or maybe put in hardwood, pool in the back yard or maybe I can plant a garden. A place I may once fill with children of my own that will know that they will have a door frame that they can measure themselves on for years.

To make owning a dream come true I must first finish high school, graduate from college and get a good job. The joys that will come when I get to start looking for a place to call home will soon be in my reach. Brick front, wrap -around porch with a swing, two stories with a double car garage? Things I will think about for the next few years but all decisions I look forward to make. My children and grandchildren will know what it feels like to come back to a place that is familiar, safe and comfortable, a place they can relive childhood memories in and place they will call home. Shoes on the porch, hat hung in its place and measurements that extend from the floor up on a door frame.