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Aaron B.
Newbury Park High School
Thousand Oaks, California

The American Dream: Do You Feel that the American Dream of Home Ownership is Still Valued?

Home. That single word brings up so many images and emotions for millions of people around the world. For most of us, it denotes warm and pleasant feelings of sitting around with family members laughing, talking, and sharing with each other. Home is a safe and secure place that no matter where we are we can take comfort that there is a place we can always go back to. A place where those who love us and care for us will be there to support and encourage.

I am one of the lucky ones where I have those thoughts and feelings of a home. My parents have always provided a safe, stable, and loving environment for me to live in. They have provided a house for our family where we can feel safe and secure, and just the fact that we have a physical location to call our own is a tremendous feeling. I realize that there are many people out there who do not have the same positive feelings about a home for various reasons. My encouragement to them would be that at some point in your life you can choose to start fresh with a clean slate and call a place home. There is hope that anyone can begin to develop positive memories of having a home.

So how does this all come into play when pondering the question, “Do you feel that the American Dream of home ownership is still valued?” I believe that no matter who you are or where you come from when listening to your heart of hearts the resounding answer is, “Yes!” Since the beginning of time there has been an innate part of human beings to feel safe and secure. One of the main ways this was accomplished was to have a place of your own and to have a home. This fundamental part of humans still rings true today.

People all over the world value home ownership. It is a sense of pride that we have achieved something great, and we have provided somewhere for our family to gather and thrive. Part of the “American Dream” has always been about having a home. It is a symbol of our hard work and commitment to make a better life for ourselves and our family. A home represents part of the rewards for what we do to contribute to society. If we do what we can to better the world around us one of the benefits is gaining enough resources to buy a home and have that special place to call our own.

Once we have achieved the American Dream it becomes a place where we can design, decorate, and fill with things that represent who we are and where we come from. A home expresses our personalities, likes, and interests. It is a place where we can bring family and friends to and take pride in sharing our home with others. There is great value in that, and great value in having that sense of worth.

When we think of a place to rest and recharge, or we need somewhere to center ourselves in preparation for the things to come, home is usually the first place we want to be. How do you measure the value of having a home? It is indeed priceless. It is worth the effort to achieve. It is something never to be taken for granted, and something to be cherished and valued.

Of course, there have been negative experiences when people make unwise choices when trying to get a home if they cannot afford a particular one, or make bad deals. You still need to be smart and realistic when purchasing a home. If you make a mistake then you just need to pick yourself back up and learn from the experience. In that time for you to get back on your feet while working hard to do it right the next time. It is always worth it to buy a home.

This includes not only the reasons already mentioned, but as a smart choice for an investment in your future. This obviously includes potential financial gains, but investments in your life and the lives of your family. There is great value in the American Dream of home ownership in so many ways. I believe the majority of society feels this way, and you would be hard pressed to find someone who would say they do not want to own a home. Even if some people did say that they were most likely not being honest with themselves.

So do I feel that the American Dream of home ownership is still valued? There is no doubt in my mind that it is. “Home is where the heart is.” I always thought that old expression was somewhat corny, but as I have gotten older I realized that simple little statement has profound meaning. I for one am looking forward to becoming a home owner. I want generations of my family to continue to experience this great accomplishment in life. It is a milestone to be proud of and cherished.