Luxury By Design

When it comes to setting design trends, no place does it better than Georgia. There’s contemporary, classic and everything else in between. It’s the one place where Southern charm mixes irresistibly with Mediterranean-inspired decor or modern farmhouse living.

Whether you’re building or renovating in the new year, here are a few trending (and timeless) luxury designs:

Shiplap. For years, shiplap wood had been adding moments of rustic relevance to walls across almost every city in Georgia, and it’s back on our trend radar. The material, originally used to waterproof ships, imbues nautical nostalgia to any home.

Textured walls. Welcome to the year of texture. Gone are the days of pristine white walls or smooth, machine-perfect edges. One way to achieve a textured mood is with plaster, which provides a warm earthiness that’s hard to achieve any other way.

Sculptural sofas. With a wink to the playfulness of pop art, sculptural sofas – featuring smooth, contemporary curves often displayed in bold colors – are part of a growing movement toward imaginative escapism that 2022 design is sure to embrace.

Specialty Vaults. Formed by two-barrel vaults intersecting at right angles for décor decadence. They first gained prominence between 241 and 197 BC and were widely used in ancient Roman architecture. Groin vaults bring the drama, awe, airiness, and antiquity to a high-ceiling room.

Wallpapered ceilings. Some of Georgia’s most celebrated designers are putting wallpaper on everything but a wall. The unexpected statement adds endless visual appeal. While a busy print may evoke “maximalism,” on the ceiling the effect is subtle yet chic.

Elaborate ceramic tiles. Add flair with restraint. Elaborate tiles, like Moroccan and Mexican-inspired styles, (especially with tones of blue) are replacing the prevalent use of monochromatic subway tiles as backsplash mainstays.

Modern warm. The new kind of warm isn’t just about neutral tones. “Modern warm” is a deliberate shift toward building with natural elements like wood, zinc and stone that effortlessly bring an organic palette into home design.