Making an Offer on a House: Negotiating Home Price & Offers

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Professional Negotiation


The Offer Strategy

You and your agent should discuss the best strategy for making and negotiating a successful offer. This may include pricing, terms and other factors. Most home buyers purchase a home every 7-9 years. Your agent does this every day and can explain the process. In developing your offer strategy, remember your goals and objectives.


Real Estate Contracts

Real estate contracts are legal documents and can be very complex. Your agent is a professional who understands how to leverage these agreements to your benefit.


Other Considerations

A home warranty may help you avoid major expenses for repairs and other items. Choosing the right closing attorney can help ensure a smoother closing. Of course, pre-approval for financing is one of the most important factors. Our strategic partners for these types of services are highly respected and will improve the quality and credibility of your offer.


Making and Negotiating The Offer

Your agent will help you develop and present the offer. After your initial offer, a seller may make a counteroffer. This could include a higher price or change in terms such as closing costs, repairs, closing date or time frame for occupancy. Once again, your agent will guide you through this process and help you make the best decisions.