Pre-Approval Home Loan: Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approval

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The Power of pre-approval


A Huge Advantage

Knowing your buying power is a huge advantage in the offer and negotiation process. Many properties are now seeing multiple offers and many sellers require proof of funds, pre-qualification or pre-approval.


Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved

It is important to know the difference. When it comes to securing financing for your future home, these terms are far from interchangeable.



To be pre-qualified, you simply inform a lender of your credit status, income, assets and existing debt. Based on that information, a lender will provide an estimate of the type of financing they will provide. However, because this is based primarily on your word alone, this does not mean as much to a potential seller. In addition the lender is under no requirement to honor the estimate they provided.



To be pre-approved, you provide a potential lender with the same information as you would to be pre-qualified. The lender verifies this information before providing an estimate of how much financing they will provide. The pre-approval process may require a fee, but, because your financing has been verified, it will make a difference when you make an offer.


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